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2014 Ski Doo Summit X 800 E-TEC

February 24, 2013
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The 2014 Ski Doo Summit X 800 is available in 3 “X” color/graphic packages and subtle upgrades that make it the best Summit ever built.




2014 Ski Doo Summit X 800 E-TEC made it through its debut year with a few recall campaigns but it has surprised anyone that rode it that the T-motion and flex edge were not gimmicks. They make the sled work better. The bugs are worked out and is proven as a reliable mountain sled.

There are a few nice upgrades for the 2014 Summit X 800 E-TEC besides BNGs. that starts with new handwarmers with 50% more heat at idle and a little more heat if you want it while riding. The gauge now notifies you when you over-rev so you can mess with the sleds brain when you adjust you quick clickers too far.

We’ve all had that ahh-hah moment when the ECM allows full performance setting after the break-in period. Now then gauge will countdown and display what percentage of break-in period is left. The sled will also beep at you now if you leave the parking brake on.

Other options that are “extras” include new lightweight Fox Float 3 shocks that will shed 6 pounds and newly designed Ice Scratchers that go in reverse and actually flip snow to cool, finally!

Overall, the new 2014 Ski-Doo Summit X 800 E-TEC is an smart choice for the rider that wants reliable mountain innovation with incredible performance.

The X model is only available on Spring Program with a $500 deposit which also comes with a 4 Year Warranty and a host of other free options. Sign up for an instant quote on the 2014 Summit X the way you want it set up at 2014 Ski Doo Quotes

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