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2015 Snowmobile Release Dates for Polaris, Ski-Doo, Arctic Cat and Yamaha

January 25, 2014

2015 Mountain Snowmobile Predictions and Launch Dates

Here we go again! For the 2014 lineups, durability improvements were a main focus and the manufacturers collectively had the least number of mountain sled Service Bulletins and recalls in years. Now, we are expecting more exciting leaps forward in new innovations that will make the sleds even funner to ride while maintaining durability.

Release / Launch dates for 2015 snowmobiles:

2015 Yamaha Snowmobile – February 11, 2014
2015 Arctic Cat Snowmobile – February 19, 2014
2015 Polaris Snowmobile – March 2, 2014
2015 Ski-Doo Snowmobile – March 4, 2014

2015 Polaris Pro RMK Predictions

Polaris has fine tuned their ultra light-weight chassis and final drive components. They won’t be bringing back the tilt steering handlebars from 2005, but look for powertrain enhancements that will bump horsepower another 10% on the 2015 Polaris 800 or 850 Pro RMK.

2015 Ski-Doo Summit 800 ETEC Predictions

The Summit X has been a sled of choice for it’s effortless maneuverability on a side hill. Ski-Doo has room to lighten things up a bit. We suspect Ski-Doo will shed another 20 pounds on the Summit X. As part of the project, look for better running boards with improved grip and snow exits.

2015 Arctic Cat Snowmobiles

Suzuki and Arctic Cat cut ties forcing Arctic Cat to produce their own motors and making 2014 the last year of the much loved Suzuki M8 engine. Or, did they? We predict that Arctic Cat will retain the Suzuki 800 2-stroke engine. Dumping that would be like taking the white cream out of our Oreos. For 2015, watch for an M800000 McKaid 165 (McClure/Kincaid) edition snowmobile with lots of carbon fiber and a 165 x 3″ Camo to boot. We think Cat will be the first with a 3″ lug track.

2015 Yamaha Snowmobiles

This is Yamaha’s break away year for the mountains. Get ready for a few versions of the new 2015 Yamaha SR Viper MTX 162. This will be the Arctic Cat manufactured M9000 chassis with the Yamaha manufactured Genesis 3 cylinder engine. In addition, we expect a factory turbo option for the first time on a Yamaha. Predictions for weight difference between a 2014 Yamaha Nytro MTX 162 and a 2015 Yamaha SR Viper MTX mountain sled will be 40 pounds less.

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  1. January 26, 2014 7:02 am

    Its the most wonderful time of the year! I always look forward to the “new releases”.
    However, there was mention of the possibility of yami shedding 70 lbs on a viper mtx compared to a nytro mtx. Where will the 70 lbs. Come from? I saw weights comparing a viper to a nytro and they were virtually identical. Handling aside, I don’t think most people realize how much weight the nytro has shed over the years. Wish I could say the same.
    Too bad yami could not get the sled to behave on trail. If the handling could’ve been as good as the motor!!……..

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