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2015 Arctic Cat M8000 and M9000 SnoPro – Uncut and Honest Review

February 20, 2014

McClure Edition

An Honest Look at the 2015 Arctic Cat SnoPro M8000 & M9000

What is most exciting about 2015 Arctic Cat snowmobiles for the mountains?

It could be what didn’t change, because very little did. But there are changes and options that are a lot more significant than the industry is letting on.

  1. Engine – Rumors were flying when Arctic Cat introduced the C-TEC 600 Clean Technology 2 stroke and separated from Suzuki that the C-TEC 800 was next. The 6000 series has turned out good. Arctic Cat successful executed a reliable, well performing 600. But, the Suzuki 800 is so good, it could have easily gone backwards. Instead, Arctic Cat leaders reined Suzuki back in and penned an agreement to continue the manufacturing relationship for at least a few more years. For now, the Suzuki 800 NOT changing is great news for 2015.Image
  2. Weight – Arctic Cat stripped 18.5 pounds off the SnoPro chassis last year. Typically, a big weight loss without a dramatic design change results in a downturn in durability, and it didn’t. For 2015, another 5 pound weight loss could have compromised that integrity. Although they used more magnesium on components like the idler wheel block, the jackshaft was beefed up at the chaincase end with a larger bearing and circlip making it more durable and easy to service. Net difference in weight is likely a couple pound gain, but that could be a good thing.Image
  3. BNGs – Almost everything else didn’t change. The first iteration of the new generation M8 (2012) was a big downgrade from the 2011 M8. Change was bad that year. It was heavier, it didn’t turn, it was harder to sidehill, belts were blowing and overall, it was a nightmare. After updates and upgrades, the 2012 worked out fine, but the third iteration, the 2014 Arctic Cat M8000 was drastically improved. Besides BNGs, here’s a list of updates for the 2015 Arctic Cat Sno Pros.

Suspension Upgrades

The 2015 SnoPro’s will get improved suspension with collaboration with Fox on the calibration for the Fox Float 3 shocks including adding Fox Float 3 in the rear skid. Suspension real braces were added. The Fox Float 3’s calibrated well makes the difference between feeling wore out or feeling read for more at the end of the day.

Track: Bad News & Good News

No, there won’t be a 3” Power Claw available from the factory as a Spring Guarantee Option. However, we do get 7 tooth drivers instead of 8 tooth from the factory. Arctic Cat is finalizing plans to produce a 3” Power Claw with Camoplast. So, you’ll have two options to go 3” with the Challenger X3 track that has worked so well with the SnoPro power and powder. Work with a dealership that has a track exchange program to save money before you pick your sled up.

Rob Kincaid and David McClure Editions

Who are they? You may wonder. I’ve known these guys for years and they are polar opposites. Rob is a pure country, pine martin trapping maniac that has been competitive in the RMSHA circuit for almost 20 years, an old guy. No one loves snowmobiling in the backcountry and competitively racing more than David. He is fun and doesn’t take himself too seriously. He told me the biggest compliment he received in his career was when an Arctic Cat dealer mistook him for Tucker Hibbert. Both are real riders and true ambassadors for the sport. Motorfist has some uncut videos of these guys riding dirt bikes in the summer and trying to out do each other on their Cats every chance they get. The only things they have in common is they love Motorfist gear and Arctic Cats.

These signature Mountain Editions named after Motorfist riders Rob Kincaid and David McClure will be unique not because of the wild graphics package. You get the Pro Climb front bumper, HCR vertical steering and a tether for only about $400 more than a standard SnoPro model.

Ride a 2015 Arctic Cat First

A limited number of production 2015 M8000 and M9000’s will ship to select dealerships by the beginning of March and there will be opportunities to demo the sled before you throw down $500 on your new David McClure Edition or Rob Kincaid Edition M8000.

If you don’t own a 2014 Arctic Cat M8000 because you were concerned about the weight loss compromising durability, and you’ve had trouble with the vertically adjustable bars, you will now have confidence owning the 2015 M8000 Sno Pro Limited Editions. And, it will cost a lot less to go with a 3″ cleat.

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